With the NBA Awards officially in the books Dwane Casey securing his first Coach of the Year award. Freshly minted as an award winner and as coach of the Detroit Pistons, he certainly landed on his feet. As the Raptors keep prolonging their most successful stretch as a franchise. Casey piloted them into this stretch and guided them courageously through the regular season, and somewhat adequately through the playoffs. The Casey-Raptors taught us two things: We can finally believe in the Raptors again, and we can never believe in the Raptors at all. In honor of his coach of the year award, let’s give Casey some awards from the Raptors fanbase.

Winningest Coach of All Time:

After capturing 320 wins in his tenure with the Raptors, Casey has quite possibly cemented himself as the incumbent record holder for the next decade or so. His “Pound the Rock” adage rings through the halls of the ACC in a somewhat ironic way as the team has crumbled into fine powder in the playoffs over and over again. As basketball creeps towards hockey as far as popularity in Canada, Casey has a stranglehold as the coach most kids grew up watching.

The House of Lowry

As Kyle Lowry burned bridges league-wide, Casey transitioned the offense away from the Calderon run and gun style, sliding towards more iso and pick and roll. Calderon left for Detroit via trade, and Lowry grabbed the reigns of the franchise with emphasis. He spent the whole length of his career before this, as an energy backup, and poisoning locker rooms with a curmudgeonly presence. In some part, it took the confidence of Casey, to unleash this version of Lowry, and to cater this offense to him. Both of these guys complimented the others career beautifully.

The Best Dressed

Casey has always been a suave dude. Smooth as ever, here’s some of his best fits:





Ever seen a guy rock an oversized suit with this much conviction? My guy looks like Danny DeVito in there, swimming around in the mist of his own self-confidence. Only Serena William’s thighs could max out those pantlegs.








Bring your five browns. Casey often dressed in earth tones out of solidarity with Kanye West’s famous YEEZY brand. He’s a little-known investor in the streetwear brand and is always pushing for its relevance.


It’s worth noting that Drake is one of the most popular entertainer’s in the world and Casey out dresses him every time they share the court. Casey can rock any color or size of suit. Give him a collar without a shirt and he’ll still be the most distinguished man out there.

A Class Act

For everything that an NBA franchise could be, regardless of winning games or championships, Casey has never been spoken of as anything other than an exemplary human being. Players, staff, and management alike all love him. He has a glowing report card from his time at Kentucky, Japan, and in the NBA. There’s a reason he got hired back right away. He’s a gem in the NBA, and his standing reflects that.

In Detroit Casey is looking to maximize Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond. That’s no small task, and as the walls creep in around the poorly assembled roster, it’ll be up to Casey to turn it around in the Motor City. His acumen speaks volumes and there’s few men who could create a culture better than Casey. Best of luck.

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