Towards the end of game 1 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James blocked Steph Curry’s shot, and some trash talk came about, something to the effect of:

Curry: “Hey man, you can’t at least give me that?”


Klay Thompson: “Haha whoa guys.”

As you can see from this exchange, Thompson is for the people. Virtuous, and community oriented. Much like Jordan Peterson, he invokes the lobster, and has risen atop his dominance hierarchy. Even though he is dominant, he operates in the egalitarian offense of the Golden State Warriors. A true champion of equality of outcome.



Ever since the 2016 Western Conference Finals it’s been patently clear that Thompson isn’t just another sharpshooter. In fact, with his feisty All-NBA worthy defense he’s a cog in the Warriors system.

The much-maligned Warriors are far from a rag-tag group and are far closer to…maybe…the most unlikeable group of people ever. Kevin Durant dedicates far too much of his time defending his own honor, of which, he has none. Earlier this week KD tried to suggest that he didn’t have any fans before he came to Golden State, which is so deeply disingenuous that there’s almost no reaction except to laugh.

Steph Curry is the corniest player in the NBA, and Draymond Green displayed his “member” on snapchat for the world to see right before he competed for Team USA at the 2016 Olympics. With the Warriors news cycle being centralized around these people, there’s no room for any role players ala JR Smith on the Cleveland Cavaliers. This makes the Warriors a terrible PR team.

Thompson is the redeemer of the Warriors. A true “worker” for the team, with little care for personal accolades or ball-handling responsibilities. He’s a stoic presence for the team, and that’s incredibly valuable seeing that he shares the floor with Curry who’s play can be quite volatile, and Durant whose emotions are volatile.

Thompson is a perfect juxtaposition to a guy like Durant. Durant, often conflicted between bearing his soul for everyone to see and pretending his mind is a locked safe. Thompson is incredibly transparent and frank. Take social media for example; Durant has displayed his disdain for it before and tried to parlay that into a type of “woke” persona. Next to that we have Thompson:

“The cool thing about Snapchat is you can get a lot of news on there now. There’s CNN, ESPN, and I find myself reading the most random articles. I don’t know how it actually benefits me, but it’s interesting. I like to stay up on current events, so I have to give kudos to Snapchat: they’ve done a good job of that. But I’m on there way too much.”

He’s marveling at the options that are given to him, even though they’re bad options he’s happy that there are things to be done. This is partly why he was such a “meme” when he was in China. He was open to whatever cultural indulgences were available and it often left him looking goofy and fun-loving.



There’s no urgency for him to display his brand, or to demand anything of himself that he’s not capable of. There’s only one man in the league who could score 60 points using only eleven dribbles in the same game. It has to be a simple man. An honest “worker” who stays in his lane and does what he’s best at…shoot.

And there’s something incredibly profound to take away from what Thompson thinks of coffee in relation to how he plays basketball:

“As a rule, I do not approve of messing around with coffee. No sugar, no milk, no chocolate, hazelnuts, cinnamon, no nothing… just drink it black, the way God does.”

A simple, Godly man; Klay Thompson is the metronome of the Warriors, and by far the most likeable as well. No sugar in the coffee, no milk. No dribbles in basketball, only defense, and jumpers.

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