Brace yourselves…


Don’t tell me that you’ve never craved crispy fried chicken, because I know you have.

I didn’t want to go buy fast food fried chicken because I always end up feeling sluggish after, so why not make my own? Let’s teach you how.



In a bowl, mix 1 cup of milk, two eggs, and as many squeezes of sriracha sauce as you want ( I added three TBSP) ← mix until it turns orange then add your chicken to marinate.

The milk will tenderize the chicken, the eggs will help the mixture adhere onto the chicken without gliding off and the sriracha will give your tastebuds a nice and mild kick.


In another bowl, add a cup of flour, a tsp salt, a tbsp oregano, and 1 tbsp of old bay seasoning.

The flour will coat your chickens and will protect the skin from instantly burning, but instead, will make the skin nice and crispy (we’re flavouring the four to add layers of flavour).


 You’re going to soak your chicken into the milk and egg mixture then coat it with your flour mixture, then put it back into the wet mixture, and then back into the flour mixture to increase crispy-ness!!

Take your frying pan or wok and add about three cups of oil and allow to heat to 350 degrees, if you don’t have a thermometer, that’s medium-low heat!

Test your oil by add a clump of flour, if it instantly burns then your oil is too hot, but if the flour floats and browns slowly then it’s perfect.

Slowly add in your chicken and allow to fry for 7 minutes then turn.

Brown meat will take up to 12-15 minutes to fully cook through whereas white meat will take 10-12 minutes. You’re chicken is usually done when it turns brown in colour.



Meats:                                     Dry Ingredients:

6 drum sticks                                        2 cups flour

Wet ingredients:                            1 tsp salt

Sriracha                                                  2 tbsp oregano

2 eggs                                                      1 tbsp old bay

1 cup milk

3 cups oil

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