Christmas is finally here!

I’m going to get to it, no intro or any of that sorts, if you’re going to be making this then you better GET ON IT!

Brine your Turkey First!

This Turkey takes 48 hours to make, but with very minimal effort.. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed (if using a frozen turkey). In a pot, add in two cups of water, two cinnamon sticks, a bunch of cloves, a knob of smashed ginger, and a whole head of garlic. Bring that to a boil, turn off the heat and let it sit with the lid overtop until it reaches room temperature.

In the meanwhile, take your turkey and put it in a pot or container and fill it ¾ with water and add ½ of salt, then add your room-temperature mixture into the water and cover up.

You will immediately smell the sweet aroma of the cinnamon and garlic!

~Leave it in the fridge overnight~

Rosemary Butter Filling

Take your turkey out of the fridge and pour out the water and leave the turkey out until it has air dried.

Take a cup of salted butter, and add the zest and juice of two lemons, 4 garlic cloves, and two sprigs of rosemary -I finely chopped my rosemary then added into the butter.

After your turkey has air-dried, take your fingers and separate the skin from the flesh making on big pocket, make sure to separate the skin from legs too!

Take your butter mixture and feed through the pocket you have created and massage it in and through the turkey. Spread the remainder of the butter on top of the turkey breast and sides.

For the cavity of the turkey, slice a whole onion and add it in, and slice one lemon and add that in as well. I also added a bunch of thyme and a few leaves of saje.

~Leave in the fridge overnight~



WE finally made it!

Depending on when your supper is, roast your turkey 6 hours ahead of time.

Here’s what I did…

I took the turkey out and glazed it with olive oil (avoids the butter from burning) and I then put it into the oven to broil at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.

Take it out and add your bacon all over the breast -this will preserve the moisture of the turkey and add delicious flavour. Cover your turkey with tinfoil and put it back into the oven

to bake for two hours at 375 degrees. After two hours, remove the tinfoil and baste your roast with the juices on the bottom of our baking pan then put back into the oven, uncovered, for another hour (make sure to baste your turkey frequently).

After the turkey’s roasted all the way through, take it out of the oven and remove the bacon and take out the lemon and onions from inside of the turkey. Remove your turkey from the

baking tray and place it on your desired plate then cover -it is essential to let it rest for the same amount of time that you baked it because the flavours change and evolve!

So, if you’ve roasted it for four hours, then let it rest for four hours, and don’t worry if it gets cold, your gravy and side dishes will compensate!

Drain the excess juices and fat from the baking pan into a bowl and leave it aside to make your stuffing and gravy.

Et Voila, a roast beast fit for a Grinch!

Merry Christmas everybody!



½ cup Salted butter butter

Olive oil Bacon – 6 strips

Rosemary Garlic 1.5

Thyme Onion (1)

Lemon (3) Sage (2) leaves

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