Rosemary and Bacon Perogies – It’s a Game Changer


I’m a University student and therefore, I have A LOT of papers to write. One night, I was writing away on the factors that will arise after the finalizing of BREXIT when I got this sudden and unbearable urge to stop writing… So I stopped writing and then I went on my phone and began to scroll through instagram, and that got boring so I switched to Pinterest, and obviously, I got hungry.



Bacon ^_^ 

I had perogies in the freezer so I took them out and then hesitated, perogies (in my opinion) are so bland, especially the store-bought type. So I took out my butter and a slice of thick cut bacon and transformed the way I eat perogies forever! 





Perogies (about 12)SaltServes One Student 

A slice of baconPepper 

ButterSour cream  



Heat your pan to medium high and butter your pan, then add in julienned white onions and let them sweat. After your onions are soft and translucent (but not browned) add in your desired bacon, I used a slice of thick cut-maple glazed bacon and some rosemary leaves -please trust me, it’s glorious! After the bacon odour surrounds the air around you add in your boiled perogies (please don’t add them in frozen…) then season with salt and pepper and stir until all the ingredients coat the perogies. Turn the heat to low and cover with a lid for about five minutes, allowing all the ingredients to get to know each other.  

And BAM, a delicious alternative to your boring perogies.  

Since we’re not barbarians, we must serve perogies with sour cream, obviously

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