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If you live in Saskatoon, then I am sure you’ve heard of a little restaurant called “Thiens” …If you haven’t visited this God-sent-Vietnamese-restaurant then I beg you to go, not only is it affordable, but it is seriously so good! It fills you up but doesn’t make you feel sluggish!

Anyway, we wanted to have a vermicelli noodle bowl for supper but couldn’t be bothered to go out for it, so we did what any one else would do, attempt to make our own!

You need to go to the grocery store and buy some fresh ingredients, and if you naturally carry these items in your fridge then you’re definitely winning at life.

Julienne your veggies for a visual appearance;

The crunchier the veg the better, so grab your carrots, cucumbers, radish, bean sprouts and top with nuts: peanuts.

We obviously need protein, and since we are not vegetarian we gonn’ add some meat.


Make your chicken marinade by mincing two garlic cloves, a tablespoon of minced ginger and then whisk in a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of maple syrup, two tablespoons of soy sauce, and a teaspoon of red chilli flakes. Whisk together then add your chicken breast and let sit for thirty minutes.

In a medium hot pan, add olive oil and then add the chicken breast; cook until the chicken breasts have browned -about three minutes on each side.


After the chicken has browned, add the sauce into the pan, turn down the heat to low and cover for 20 minutes, the sauce should have thickened and the chicken should be nice and juicy.  

Assembling your bowl:

First, add shredded lettuce into a bowl, then, add your cooked vermicelli noodles, garnish the top with your desired veggies, I used carrots, cucumbers, and bean sprouts. Cut up your chicken and add to the top, and drizzle some of the glaze overtop. For an extra crunch, add chopped peanuts and squeeze a lime overtop.

And there you have it, a super easy vermicelli bowl!

Bon appetit.


2 Chicken breast                                            2 garlic cloves

2 tablespoon soy sauce                         2 tablespoons maple syrup

2 tablespoon honey                                          1 teaspoon chilli flakes

Vermicelli noodles                                           Bean Sprouts

1 Carrot                                                            1 Lime

1 Cucumber                                                      Peanuts


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